97. Unheard Cries and Roid-raging birds

96. House of Versace and Reimagining Tiny Dancer

95. White Hot: The Mysterious Murder of Thelma Todd and Lucy Lucifer

94. Homeless to Harvard and Drug Dealing is an MLM

93. Deadly Assistant and #Allegedly

This week, Erin watched a movie filed under “True Stories” that is absolutely, unequivocally, not true. Deadly Assistant  aims to prove that endorphins don’t make people happy, and yogis...

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92. Murder in New Hampshire and Necessary Finger Guns

91. Trapped Model and Dear Dark Web…

Who knew modeling and the dark web have so much in common? This week, Erin watched Trapped Model, so grab your epi pen because this one is wild. Then...

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90. House of Darkness and Massages and Misogyny

89: Patreon Vault 3: Yuba County Five and The Romanian Poltergeist Girl

In this week’s episode, we revisit two of our favorite Patreon episodes. Erin covers the Yuba County Five and Paul covers The Romanian Poltergeist Girl.

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88. Cocaine Godmother and Madea Joins the Cartel

This week we are back to our regularly scheduled programming of sex, drugs, and murder. Erin watched Cocaine Godmother, a movie about a totally normal woman a little bit...

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