132. The Two Mister Kissels and Supplementing Cucks

Replay: Jodi Arias and The True Meaning of Coffee

131. A Woman Scorned and QAnon & Doterra

130. All-American Girl and Schrödinger’s Teacher

It’s back to school time so what better week to cover your worst “Meet the Teacher Night” nightmare, Mary Kay Letourneau. We have FEELINGS and do not hold back...

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129. DC Chats and He’s Not An Ear of Corn

This week, Paul and Erin have a special guest on, Research Assistant Fran! Come hang out with us as we drink too much and tell you three crimes that...

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128. The Romeo Killer and Midas Dick

Today, join Paul and Erin as we down 2 bottles of bubbly and then try to speak coherently! First, join Erin as she tells you the crazy details of...

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127. Simone MFing Biles: That’s the Title

This week we are feeling oddly patriotic as we talk all things Olympics, specifically, Simone MFing Biles. First we talk the Lifetime Movie based on her memoir, then Paul...

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126. Secrets of a Marine’s Wife and How I Like My Hot Dog

125. Doomsday Mom and Jesus & The 12 Groomsmen

124. Secrets of a Gold Digger Killer and Nelvin Marcus’s Shoes

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