144. 2021 Year In Review

143. A Killer Among Us and Vanity Plates? Straight to Jail

142. An Ice Wine Christmas In Tune – Christmas 2021

Join us for our 3rd annual Christmas movie extravaganza! This year, Erin watched An Ice Wine Christmas, and she has a lot to say. And Paul watched a Reba...

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141. The Hunt For the I-5 Killer and Cross-Stitched No Homo

Patreon Vault – The Country of Lisotho and The Beautiful Inventor

140. The Client List and White Men with ED

139. Patreon Vault and Thanksgiving Break

138. Natalee Holloway and Our Lord, Taylor Swift

137. The Girl in the Bunker and Home, Sweet Bunkie

136. Halloween Special and So Help Me Chango

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