113. Bomb City and Amarillo’s in Time Out

Get ready to hear us yell a LOT! This week we have a fan pick! Erin watched Bomb City, a movie that has a puppy in it and a bunch of crappy people. Then Paul tells us the appalling story of the murder of Brian Deneke and how his killer got away with it. Marilyn…

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109. Long Island Serial Killer and Beautifully Calligraphized Drugs

This week, Erin watched Long Island Serial Killer: A Mother’s Hunt for Justice and then Paul tells us about the case of the Long Island Serial Killer. 

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105. Patreon Valut and the Snow Experts are Snowed In

This week, resident snow experts Paul and Erin are experiencing rolling blackouts and freezing temperatures and all the things that come with being snow experts. It’s a good thing we already knew there’s No Business like Snow Business. We will be back next week with new content. Thank you for your understanding!

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