100. Who Killed JonBenet? And The Conclusive Rating of Theories

This week Erin and Paul celebrate their anniversary with all of you! 100 episodes and two years later and we finally figured out how to have a fake argument without crying! Join us as Erin tells Paul all about the movie, complete with whispered child-prayers and questionable narration. Then Paul tells Erin all about the…

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99. The Christmas Setup Unwrapped: The 2020 Christmas Extravaganza

Join Erin and Paul this week as they talk about two delightful Christmas movies from this season. Lifetime knocked it out of the park this year, and we are here for it. Stick around to the end for bonus content you won’t get anywhere else.

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98. Lost Holiday and No Business Like Snow Business

If you didn’t know, when Erin and Paul aren’t recording their hit podcast, they deal exclusively in snow! Yep! Snowbiles, snowballs, and fresh powder is our game. People who live in the South come by it naturally. Of course, this makes them the perfect hosts to walk us through the harrowing ordeal of being stranded…

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