123. Left for Dead and Chapstick Memory Therapy

This week Erin watched Left For Dead: The Ashley Reeves Story and she has feelings that she will be conveying at a high volume. Then Paul tells us the real story of badass survivor Ashley Reeves and the garbage person who tried to kill her.  Follow Us!  Instagram – @lifetimesentence Twitter – @lifesentencepod  Show…

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120. Interview with Special Guest Molly Maeve Eagan

This week we take a break from Lifetime to interview the amazing, incomparable Molly Maeve Eagan! She is an investigative journalist who recently co-authored a book with a former Amish woman and sexual assault survivor. We talk about the book, the  #metoo movement, complex PTSD, our favorite true crime stories and oh so much more!…

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118. A Party Gone Wrong and A Texan Red Riding Hood

This week we talk about organ stealing. YAY! Erin covers ‘A Party Gone Wrong’ a story about high school students who go to a party and end up in a living nightmare where everyone wants your organs. As ridiculous as this movie is, organ trafficking is very real and Paul reveals the statistics surrounding the…

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