25. Abducted: The Jocelyn Shaker Story and Karma’s Abs

Join us this week as we cover a movie and case that are…kind of connected if you squint and turn your head to the side. Erin watched Abducted: The Jocelyn Shaker Story, a movie about a girl who was kidnapped in Colombia by her super hot step father’s crazy assistant. All because she wanted to have a baby with his abs. Don’t worry though, this one has a happy ending! Paul then tells us the super depressing case that “inspired” this movie. Madeleine McCann, who disappeared while vacationing with her family in Portugal. This one, unfortunately, does not have a happy ending. We talk abs, when it’s safe to leave your child alone, and update our rankings of worst police EVER. (Congrats Milwaukee! You’ve moved down to second place) 

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