23. A Girl Like Me and You Can’t See Our Middle Fingers

This week is a tough one. Erin watched A Girl Like Me: The Gwen Araujo Story. We shame IMDb a little, play a new game creatively named: Where Do I Know This Person From? Then we get into this heartbreaking story. We break down what behavior should and shouldn’t concern a parent, (ex. Wears a dress? Fine. Murders someone for wearing a dress? Not fine.) We also try to figure out what that great ideal of “normal” we are all so concerned about really means (spoiler alert: we have no idea). Then we talk a lot about the grim statistics facing trans women of color today, and all the different terms used to make hate crimes seem more palatable in a court of law. We end by begging Tom Cruise to actually fight Justin Bieber because we all deserve to have a little fun. 

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