21. Terror in the Woods and Slenderman-by-Proxy

Paul’s Sources:

Slender Man on Wikipedia

Slender Man Stabbing on Wikipedia

Courthouse News Service

WISN News – Waukesha

This week we cover Terror In The Woods, Lifetime’s version of the Slenderman Stabbing. Paul pre-emptively hangs up on Erin and then spends the rest of the episode regretting calling her back. Then Erin screeches into the microphone for an hour and tries to stay on topic about this movie. We wonder aloud how many brain cells died trying to come up with Lifetime’s alternative to Creepy Pasta, and why these girls didn’t just stop being friends like normal 12 year old girls instead of stabbing the girl they no longer liked in the woods. Then Paul tells us the heartbreaking details of the real case, including some very recent updates while Erin screams “SLENDERMAN ISN’T REAL” and “WHO LETS A CHILD SIGN AWAY THEIR RIGHTS” in the background. It’s delightful as always. 

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