20. Murder in Mexico and Pimp My David


Bruce Beresford-Redman on Wikipedia

The Hollywood Reporter

ABC News

Join us this week for the most boring movie and case ever! BUT, we did not have it even slightly together this week so you get to hear us screw up a LOT. Plus, Paul says “420 BLAZE IT!” so you definitely don’t want to miss that. We get our very first porn in our Pornhub or TV segment, which Paul inexplicably turns into a Hallmark movie. Then we get into the most boring movie ever. Bruce breaks up with his girlfriend multiple times for his wife, his wife also breaks up with his girlfriend, but somehow the poor wife ends up dead. We talk about how to have weird conversations with your hotel neighbors for plot continuity purposes. We also break down the ins and outs of a rousing game of Concussion! Then Paul tells us the real story of David…Bruce…David (??) starting with how he got Paul kicked out of church for watching Pimp My Ride. Paul tells us the pros to dying on a significant day. We argue about whether or not to flee a foreign country when facing prosecution and the step by step process to causing a crime. Then we go super far off the rails, so you’ll have to listen to the rest. We also pick June’s movies and they’re going to be SO GREAT!! (Spoiler alert: there’s a switcheroo coming!) 

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