19. Girl Fight and the Little Pinger

Paul’s Sources:

The Mulberry Eight – Encyclopedia Dramatica

In the Spotlite Blog

The Trench Reynolds Report

New York Times

The Ledger


Guess what? NOBODY DIES THIS WEEK! We also get a little surprise crossover with our Patreon! This week, we both watched Girl Fight, and Paul learns to appreciate Erin’s great sacrifice. Erin tells us all about the movie, which is a cross between Mean Girls and some kind of MMA fight (only not fun). We discuss the existence of noise-making calculators, whether teenaged girls actually hang out in the bathroom, and why you should never believe them when they say there’s no alcohol at the party. Then things go south fast. Paul tells us about the real case of Victoria Lindsay and the Mulberry Eight (and yes, we talk about how unfortunate it would be to go to the trouble of committing a crime only to end up with such a stupid name) and the shockingly small punishment for this spectacularly stupid crime.

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