17. Big Little Lies and This Isn’t Lifetime Anymore

Toto, we’re not watching the Lifetime Channel anymore! Join Paul and Erin for their official Patreon preview where they discuss Episodes 1 & 2 of Big Little Lies as well as the corresponding chapters of the book by Liane Moriarty. We expound upon the pros & cons of a champagne breakfast (spoiler alert: there are no cons), the worst teaching mistake ever made, and why you should always take your time with Nicole F-ing Kidman. We also wonder whether the Hollywood Foreign Press Association has a closet fully stocked with pre-engraved Golden Globes for Queen Meryl, and pose the most important question of all…who the FUCK names their kid AMABELLA (that’s not a spelling error, it really is spelled with an M). Enjoy this preview and join us over at http://patreon.com/lifetimesentence for our bonus episodes starting next Sunday!

The article Erin referenced about the Monterrey homes can be found here.

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