Toto, we’re not watching the Lifetime Channel anymore! Join Paul and Erin for their official Patreon preview where they discuss Episodes 1 & 2 of Big Little Lies as well as the corresponding chapters of the book by Liane Moriarty. We expound upon the pros & cons of a champagne breakfast (spoiler alert: there are no cons), the worst teaching mistake ever made, and why you should always take your time with Nicole F-ing Kidman. We also wonder whether the Hollywood Foreign Press Association has a closet fully stocked with pre-engraved Golden Globes for Queen Meryl, and pose the most important question of all…who the FUCK names their kid AMABELLA (that’s not a spelling error, it really is spelled with an M). Enjoy this preview and join us over at for our bonus episodes starting next Sunday!

The article Erin referenced about the Monterrey homes can be found here.