13. Perfect Sisters and the Secret Glee Club Meeting

Erin’s Selected Links:

Tales of Erotica Movie Trailer

Vanity Fair Article about Fan Bingbing

Paul’s Sources:

Wikipedia – The Murder of Linda Andersen

The Class Project: How to Kill a Mother: The True Story of Canada’s Infamous Bathtub Girls by Bob Mitchell

We also incorrectly referenced Wine and Crime as covering the case of the Bathtub Girls. The correct podcast was And That’s Why We Drink Episode #103.

Show notes:

This week was the worst movie about the worst case ever! The good news is that we use that opportunity to talk about our favorite thing, OURSELVES! From scandalous college sex stories to parents who are way too obsessed with their children, we’ve got a little bit of everything. We’ll even explain how to properly drink in the morning without looking suspicious. In between the funnies, we’ll tell you all about the Andersen sisters and the movie they inspired, “Perfect Sisters”. We even have a special guest appearance by Dr. Sara who stops by to talk about vomiting! If nothing else, by the end you’ll feel like a responsible human, a good parent AND a good child.

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