1. Calendar Girl, Cop, Killer? or Milwaukee Mean Girls

This week, Erin watched the Lifetime Original Movie, Calendar Girl, Cop, Killer? The Bambi Bembenek Story, which originally premiered May 18, 1992.

Paul researched the true case, including reading a book, Run, Bambi, Run, that closely followed the case of Laurie Bembenek.

Laurie Bembenek examining the supposed murder weapon in court, while dressed as a Victorian Doll.

Laurie Bembenek examining the supposed murder weapon in court.  Anonymous/via Murderpedia

fred shultz

Fred Schultz and Laurie Bembenek talk in the courtroom during the trial.  Anonymous/via Murderpedia

ira robins

Ira Robins’ headshot  via irarobinsjohndoe

nick gugliatto

Laurie and Dominic “Nick” Gugliatto via Find a Grave

The photos from the Tacks Party which we referenced can be found at a blog dedicated to obtaining more information about Laurie Bembenek and her case, lauriebembenek.blogspot.com. The direct link to those images can be found here.


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